Craig Duncan, Interim CEO of Hospice UK said: "A pay rise for hard-working health and care staff is much-needed so they can deliver world-class care. However we are concerned that under current funding arrangements hospices will have to rely on fundraising to match this pay rise."


"It would cost around £40m across the UK for hospices to match a 4.5% pay rise for all their staff - meaning another £40m raised through cake sales, sponsored challenges, and second hand clothes."

"Hospices are also dealing with increased energy and fuel costs, all at a time when their local communities who usually give so generously are also struggling with the rising cost of living."

"These precarious income streams mean it will be extremely challenging for the hospice sector to match NHS pay rises. It is unsustainable for hospices to deliver world-class care for people at the end of their lives without long-term resilient funding for the sector."