In response to the General Election result, Hospice UK CEO, Toby Porter said:

"We congratulate the Labour Party on their election victory. As the new government takes office, we look forward to seeing how they will support the hospice sector and end of life care within the community.

"This is a pivotal time for the government to think seriously about the future of end-of-life care. Hospices across the country play a crucial role in supporting more than 300,000 people every year, working alongside NHS services to provide vital care.

"In their manifesto, Labour rightly made health and social care a priority, with a focus on reducing pressures in the NHS and on improving care in local neighbourhoods. Hospices are ideally placed to help, and stand ready to do so, with the right support.

"We hope to see strong commitments and actions to ensure sustainable funding for hospices, so they can continue their vital work amidst rising costs, and be there for the people who need them, now and forever."

Toby Porter, CEO designate of Hospice UK
Toby Porter, CEO of Hospice UK