Toby Porter, Chief Executive of Hospice UK said: "Today’s announcement of the extra financial support for charities is very welcome. Hospice UK has urged the Chancellor and Treasury to consider the financial pressures hospices and the wider charity sector are facing and we are pleased that these have been taken seriously. 

"What matters now is that the Treasury releases this money quickly, with clear guidance on how charities can apply for this funding locally. £100m is the tip of the iceberg given the amount of money spent by the charity sector on essential services such as hospice care. Once the scheme has been shown to be successful, hopefully it can be expanded. Right now other steps could be taken to help hospices and other charities like us – for example, additional support with rising energy bills. 

"Hospices support more than 300,000 people every year and care for some of the most vulnerable people in society. They are vital partners to the health and care system, keeping people out of hospital and alleviating pressure on the NHS. Hospices across the country are facing huge deficits and making difficult decisions about where to save costs, placing essential services at risk. We're hopeful that today's support for the charity sector is a sign of further support to come."