David's story

I'm sure that a more open conversation about what happens when people die, would overall be of benefit to everybody.


David’s father had lived a healthy life, but as he approached the age of 90, his health started to slowly deteriorate. He was admitted to hospital where he stayed for a few weeks, and one night, David got a phone call saying that he should come in.

He wasn’t sure what that meant, but assumed that his father might be approaching his final few hours. 

David sat with his father for a while, until his father just went to sleep and died peacefully. 


The way it happened was as good as it could have been.


Reflecting on his experience, David says that he would have liked to have known what end of life meant, and had some clarity on what his father’s last days may have involved.

Instead of spending quality time with his father, he spent his time at the bedside on Google, trying to understand the process of dying and what to expect.

"It certainly made a difference for me now,” he said, “knowing what I've experienced in the last couple of years."

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