Together with Legacy Foresight we offer a programme of information exchange and analysis of the legacy and in memoriam sectors.

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Programme information

 The programme uses many techniques including:

   -  Focus groups.

   -  Consumer surveys.

   -  Best practice case studies.

   -  The analysis of charity performance

      data and client workshops.

Who is involved?


The learning circle is made up of more than 60 leading charities, which means participants learn from organisations both within the hospice sector and outside it.

Compassionate Employers is a workplace bereavement, carer and illness support programme to help support your employees experiencing grief, bereavement and caring responsibilities at work.

Joining the programme

The programme for 2017-18 will focus on the importance of funeral directors within Memoriam fundraising.

For details on how to join the programme please contact Elizabeth Palfreman.

Why join the programme?


By joining the programme you will have access to the hard evidence you need to help you:

   - Build the case for investment in this

     income stream.

   - Create informed fundraising


   - Manage donor relationships more


   - Benchmark your performance.