Dying Matters calls for change


Right now people are dying without the support they need. Since the pandemic began, there have been over 100,000 excess deaths at home across the UK, with the number of people dying at home remaining consistently high throughout the last two years. We do not know what is behind this trend or whether the people who have died at home over the last two years have had 'good' deaths. That's why Hospice UK and Dying Matters have been calling for the Government to give end of life care the attention it deserves. 

Along with our friends across the sector, we have been making great strides. But there's still more work to be done. We know how dedicated health and care staff are, and how committed they are to providing the best care possible for everyone. But we also know that they need more support, so that everyone who is dying gets the specialist care they need - whoever and wherever they are.

Together, we must call for meaningful change so that everyone dies #InAGoodPlace.

Staff, patients and families alike - we all share that mission, and we want decision makers in Westminster and beyond to make the changes needed so that everyone can die #InAGoodPlace.

Let's keep the conversation going


Let's keep the conversation going. We need to make sure that our stories reach those in positions of power and is felt by everyone experiencing death, dying and grief in our communities too.