Hospice Care Week

Hospice Care Week is an annual week of activity to raise the profile of hospice care across the UK. Each year we hold a week of celebration and action, which helps to change people’s perceptions of hospice care.

This Is What It Takes: 7-13 October 2019

Hospice Care Week 2019

When people think of “hospice”, they tend to think of nurses. And if they think of “hospice funding” they probably think about sky dives or marathons. All of this is true, but it’s far from the whole picture. Hospice care needs a lot more people, skills, and resources to take place, and needs more than just the odd fun run to fund it.

This year's Hospice Care Week is going to look at the less obvious or less visible staff and volunteers that make hospice care happen, as well as the materials and equipment necessary. It will also look at all the sources of funding needed to pay for this: the shops, donations, runners and coffee mornings as well as CCG contracts, grants, and support from local business and charity organisations.

The goal is to take a more informative look at hospice care. In short, the campaign will say: This is what it takes to provide hospice care, and this is what it takes to pay for it all.

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Break out the bunting for Hospice Care Week!
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