Hold a yellow cocktail party

Get all sophisticated for Go Yellow and make some fantastic yellow cocktails to share with your family, friends and colleagues!

Will you rustle up some cocktails for your friends?
There's lots of different types of yellow cocktails you could try:

  • Champagne Julep
  • Diamond Fizz
  • Mimosa
  • Bronx Dry
  • Gin and Apricot Martini
  • Lemon Sherbet Surprise
  • Brandy Smash
Or, if you prefer some non-alcoholic refreshment, some wonderful mocktail recipes:

  • Mango Mash
  • Mango-Lime Virgin Margarita
  • Atomic Cat
  • Hot Lemonade
  • Nectarine Sunshine Smoothie
* - You can find these recipes, and many more, at CocktailFlow.com

Get fundraising for Hospice Care Week

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