Hospice UK will provide materials looking at the national picture, but individual hospices can provide a picture of their own needs and activities.

An example of some of the resources that we'll be producing
To do this, you need to start gathering some information about the range of materials, staff and volunteers needed to provide care at your hospice, as well as the range of income generation activities and the sources of funding. Hospice UK will provide template materials to showcase these facts.

Exactly what numbers you gather will depend on the services you offer, but they need to be the sort of information that people might not immediately think of when they think about “hospice.” How many cups of tea, how many light bulbs or litres of petrol does it take? How many donated books, £10 notes or local business support pays for this?

The campaign is designed to be flexible to allow you to focus on your hospice’s priorities. It is less emotional and more factual than previous years, but still allows you to tell your story. This is what to it takes to provide care at our hospice; this is what it takes to fund it. What you emphasise with each “this” is up to you.

Hospice care isn’t magic. It’s hard and it costs money. It’s essential, and this is what it takes.

What does hospice care mean to you?