Dan's mum, Linda, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and received end of life care from Ashgate Hospicecare.

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Following her death, Dan decided he wanted to raise money for the hospice as a thank you for everything they did for his mum.

"Although mum was in pain, she was made as comfortable as possible and that was thanks to the people here. So much time was given to help readjust her position on the bed, to listen to her and to understand how she was feeling.

"The staff did all they could to make things better for her. Mum wanted her family and close friends around her and, whenever it was possible, they helped to make that happen.

"I want to raise as much money as possible so that every family who needs hospice care can get it. It is important for me to do this as a small gesture of thanks to every member of staff who helped care for mum and for being so kind to us.

"We want to say thanks for treating mum with great care and respect, for their efforts and attention. I know that by raising this money I am helping to ensure that others can receive such excellent care.

"In the circumstances, you could not wish for more for your mum."

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