Jo Lister has worked at The Prince of Wales Hospice for four years and has been instrumental in delivering an outreach programme at three community venues. Her work has been recognised nationally with a prestigious award.

Jo Lister, who works at the Prince of Wales Hospice
Jo was named Best Support Worker in the inaugural Local Care Force Everyday Heroes awards for her work in getting the hospice out to her local community.

The programme is for people who have a life-limiting condition and live relatively well at home, but could benefit from social support from others in a similar situation. It is a chance to get out of the house, make new friends and participate in crafts and activities, with the added comfort of being in a safe environment.

The groups provide people with a place to share and support each other, and they are helping to reduce isolation. Jo and the team have received praise for supporting patients with mindfulness, which helps them to stay positive when they are feeling down.

On winning the award, Jo said, “I am completely blown away to have been recognised for this award. It is a win for our entire team at Outreach, and it is lovely that the work we do is appreciated. We all work extremely hard to make Outreach enjoyable and to try and keep it fresh for all our patients.

"We are a close team and really enjoy working together. Working in healthcare is very rewarding and also challenging at times. People always think that the hospice is a sad place when actually it is far from it, we are very lucky to be working with palliative patients and to be involved with them and their families.

"I love my job and am passionate about what I do."

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