Give as you earn

Give as you earn (also known as Payroll Giving or Workplace Giving) is a great way to make a regular tax free gift to Hospice UK through your pay.

How does it work?

Payroll Giving is an easy and tax effective way you can give regularly to Hospice UK. Your gift is taken directly from your pay before tax, meaning you can give more for less - a £10 donation will only cost you £8.

Payroll Giving is a regular form of income for us. Knowing that we will receive your gift can make all the difference as it means that we can plan ahead. By supporting us this way you can help us make sure that hospice care is there for everyone that needs it now and in the future.

See how little it will cost you each month to make a real difference to hospice care:

You pledge  We will receive:
   20% tax payer 40% tax payer 45% tax payer 
 £5 £6.25  £8.33  £9.09 
 £10  £12.50 £16.67  £18.18 
 £15  £18.75 £24.99  £27.27 
 £20  £25 £33.32  £36.36 


Why should you choose Hospice UK?

We want to make sure that everyone facing the end of life gets the very best care and we believe hospices are critical to achieving this.

As the national charity for hospice care, we are working to ensure that care is available to everyone who needs it. We do this by championing hospice care and supporting all the professionals and volunteers who deliver the highest quality of care to people with terminal and life-limiting conditions. We are only able to do this with the support of our corporate partners and people like you.

Support hospice care on a local and national level...

We want your donation to go as far as possible and understand that you may want your local hospice to directly benefit from your donation. By donating to Hospice UK through payroll giving, you have the opportunity to nominate a local hospice who will then receive half of your donation.

So, what next?

You can download our employers guide to payroll giving. Then all you need to do is fill in our donation form. Do not worry if you cannot see your donations coming out straight away, sometimes your donation can take a little while to get to us, after a short while you should see your donation appear on your payslip.

Set up your donation today or for further information on payroll giving, please telephone us on
020 7520 8200 or email

What does hospice care mean to you?