Give as you earn (also known as Payroll Giving or Workplace Giving) is a great way to make a regular tax free gift to Hospice UK through your pay.

How does it work?


Payroll Giving is an easy and tax effective way you can give regularly to Hospice UK. Your gift is taken directly from your pay before tax, meaning you can give more for less - a £10 donation to Hospice UK will only cost you £8 if you're a 20% taxpayer.

Payroll Giving is a vital source of income for us. Knowing that we will receive your gift will mean that we can plan for the future, safe in the knowledge that funding is available. By supporting Hospice UK in this way, you can help us make sure that everyone in the UK receives the high quality care and support they deserve, so they can focus on what really matters: living well until the end.

See how little it will cost you each month to make a real difference to end of life care:

  • A £5 donation to us only costs you: £4.00 (20% taxpayer), £3.00 (40% taxpayer), or £2.75 (45% taxpayer)
  • A £10 donation to us only costs you: £8.00 (20% taxpayer), £6.00 (40% taxpayer), or £5.50 (45% taxpayer)
  • A £15 donation to us only costs you: £12.00 (20% taxpayer), £9.00 (40% taxpayer), or £8.25 (45% taxpayer)
  • A £20 donation to us only costs you: £16.00 (20% taxpayer), £12.00 (40% taxpayer), or £11.00 (45% taxpayer)

What your gift could fund

  • £5 a month could help us send out our information packs about caring, dying, hospice care or bereavement to those who need them
  • £10 a month could help us respond to a family in their time of need through our Information Service, helping them get the support, guidance and care they need
  • £20 a month could support our Policy and Advocacy team, and ensure that hospice, palliative and end of life care stays high on the government's agenda
  • £50 a month could pay for our Head of Nursing to hold an online training event to support hospice nurses better care for the people in need in their local communities

Support your local hospice


We understand that you may want your local hospice to directly benefit from your donation. By donating to Hospice UK through payroll giving, you have the opportunity to nominate a local hospice to receive half of your donation. That way you can support hospice at a local and national level, maximising the impact of your donation.

Setting up your donation


It is quick and easy to set up your payroll giving – simply fill in our online donation form. Don’t worry if you cannot see your donations coming out straight away as sometimes it can take a short while to be processed.

If you are an employer and are looking to start payroll giving at your workplace, please download our employers guide to payroll giving below.

For further information on our work or your donation, please contact us on 020 7520 8200 or email

An employers guide to payroll giving

This guide will give you all the information you need to set up your own payroll giving scheme.