Family and carers

Family carers are vital in the care of people who are living with a life-limiting or terminal condition. Yet carers themselves face many challenges of their own.

Supporting patients' families and carers

The Commission into the Future of Hospice Care pointed to a wealth of research evidence on the demands upon carers and their needs. There has been a history of policy changes designed to benefit carers but according to the Commission the experiences of family carers of those approaching the end of life appear to be largely unchanged and continue to be unnecessarily challenging.

While support for carers is a key aspect of hospice care, the Commission called for a shift in its culture to truly include family carers as central in their relationship with patients and as worthy beneficiaries of support both during and after the death of the patient.

The Commission report on supporting family carers is available to download, along with some resources to help hospice care providers improve their support for carers.

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