Heart failure and hospice care

More than half a million people in the UK live with heart failure and the need for hospice care support has never been greater.

Heart failure and hospice care

There is extensive evidence that the distress faced by those living and dying with advanced heart failure is similar, and in many cases more severe, than those dying of cancer. Yet very few patients are referred for palliative or hospice support by their primary care or hospital cardiology teams.

In collaboration with Professor Miriam Johnson, Director of the new Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre, and supported by the British Heart Foundation and the National Garden Scheme, we have developed a new guide for those providing and commissioning hospice services.

Its purpose is to raise awareness of the need for a hospice-enabled approach to heart failure, and to suggest ways to engage with this issue using examples from services which have found creative solutions to move forward and overcome challenges.

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