Nutrition in Pallative Care

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Why this topic?

Understanding and meeting the nutrition and hydration needs and wishes of patients is a key aspect of palliative care.

The issue of eating and drinking at this phase of illness can be complex and multifaceted and can result in stress for the patient and their family/carers.

It is therefore imperative that this aspect of care is handled sensitively and with confidence by all members of the multidisciplinary team.

There is much we can do as a MDT, including the Catering Team, to provide support with patients’ nutritional needs as well as consider the social and emotional needs around eating and drinking, providing and promoting a supportive care approach.

In this first series of webinars, the themes selected reflect common issues brought to the attention of the expert palliative care dietitian. Through the evaluation feedback process, topics will be identified for future webinar sessions.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Consider food and nutrition in palliative care – why it is important and what are the consequences of malnutrition?
  • Gain an understanding of the rationale for nutritional screening in palliative care and tools to consider.
  • Appreciate the impact of malnutrition and cachexia on the psychological and physical wellbeing of the person.
  • Consider the treatment of poor appetite and weight loss including practical steps that may be taken.
  • Review resources for the MDT to use.
  • Have knowledge of the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry on Nutrition E3: How are people supported to eat and drink enough and maintain a balanced diet?

Target Audience

The intention is to keep the sessions practical and informative to support those hospices with little or no direct dietetic service. They will therefore be aimed at registered nurses and associated colleagues with an interest in nutrition.

Session 1 and 4 may be of interest to the hospice catering team.

To attend members will need to join via a link so we can alert them to any change in the programme.

Webinar Access

The programme will be delivered via a webinar facility. This will enable hospice teams to ‘meet’ virtually around a shared interest.

The webinars are run by GoTo meetings. To join the webinar you will need access to the internet, a screen to see the presentation and Caroline and audio to hear. If you have a camera on your system you can also join the webinar visually. You can either join individually or as a team. If you plan to join as a team only one member need register but do bear in mind all information will only be sent to this person.

You will need to register to join the webinars. To register please use the link below:

You only need to register once to take part in all four webinars.

The instructions on how to join the webinar, including how to download GoTo meetings which needs to be done prior to the webinar and the link will be emailed to all registered participants 3 to 4 days prior to each webinar.

Please Note; you will need to register at least 72 hours before the first session, i.e. by 5pm on 10 September to enable us to process your booking. Bookings received within 72 hours of the event may not be sent the joining information.

If you miss the first webinar you can still register to participate in the other three.

For more information please contact Marie Cooper by email.

Lead Presenter

Caroline Quilty, Specialist Palliative Care Dietitian

Caroline Quilty

Caroline is a HCPC registered dietitian with extensive clinical and management experience in both the NHS and hospice settings.

She is currently Therapies Services Manager and Specialist Palliative Care Dietitian at St Joseph’s Hospice and previously set up and delivered the Dietetic service to St Christopher’s Hospice. Caroline is committed to the place of food and drink in the palliative phase of illness not only for its nutritional value but for its powerful impact on social, cultural and family relationships.

Having been awarded the Professor Rob Buckman Scholarship, she has recently completed an MSc in Palliative Care at King’s College London. Her research project was a qualitative study of the psychosocial effects of weight loss in cancer cachexia.

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