Resilience in the workforce

The most important asset we have to enable high quality care is our workforce, both staff and volunteers, and responsible hospice leaders acknowledge this.

As staff seek to respond to the ever increasing activity and complexity of care, it is essential that organisations adopt both preventative and responsive strategies to enable staff to be resourceful and effective practitioners in such demanding times; the key to this is building their resilience.

Building resilient people and teams

We have created a webinar-based programme offering resources to help leaders in hospices build their own resilience and those of their teams.

Jess Pryce JonesHospice UK recognises that the resilience of the hospice workforce is vital to the future of hospice care. To that end we commissioned research about how to enable staff to flourish in stressful times (see below) and we are now responding in a practical and sustainable way that is easy for hospice staff to engage in. This programme and its resources is part of that ambition.

The programme was designed to be accessed virtually by hospice leaders to use in their place of work. It was, designed and delivered by Jess Pryce-Jones, author, and founder and Chair of iOpener Institute offers a range of strategies that can be adopted by hospice staff. It will be delivered using webinar.

For further information, please email Marie Cooper.

The Point of Care Foundation

In response to the Commission's findings and recommendations, we commissioned The Point of Care Foundation to examine the best available evidence and develop a framework for hospice leaders to consider what they can do to support their staff to flourish in stressful times.

The framework provides guidance on interventions from Board level to the individual, as building a resilient and flourishing workforce is everyone’s business.

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