Building resilient people and teams programme

What does the programme entail?

This programme is made-up of 10 sessions, each focused on a critical aspect of being resilient. Jess brings extensive professional experience and draws on the expertise of hospice professionals who have worked with Jess at our previous events.

These sessions ran monthly and will lasted 45-60 mins. All sessions were recorded so that you can refer to them again in the future.

In addition, there was a video clip linked to each of the sessions recorded during the pilot in whom Jess demonstrates how to use the tools she refers to in each of the sessions.

What can you expect to get from the programme?

  • You will learn more about how to develop a workforce that is motivated, healthy and committed.
  • You will understand the concepts and practices that help to develop resilience.
  • You will have the techniques that enable you to take action that promotes these concepts and practices in your workplace.
  • You will have the opportunity to create an offline and online community and build a bank of useful resources as you go.

The 10 sessions

The sessions were:

  1. Understanding the importance of resilience for you and your team (6 October 2016)
  2. Exploring self-resilience and peer coaching (3 November 2016)
  3. Harnessing your energy (1 December 2016)
  4. Knowing and using your strengths (5 January 2017)
  5. Understanding influence and what you can control (2 February 2017)
  6. Promotiing team resilience (2 March 2017)
  7. Generating a positive mindset (4 May 2017)
  8. Analysing emotional labour - there is a cost when we care (1 June 2017)
  9. Exploring trust - a crucial ingredient (6 July 2017)
  10. Being valued for your contribution - recognition (3 August)

Note: all sessions ran from 2-3pm. The session originally scheduled for 6 April was rescheduled to May.

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