Help the Hospices responds to Nuffield report on costs of end of life care

Sep 26, 2014

New research commissioned by Marie Curie and carried out by the Nuffield Trust is published today. Exploring the cost of care at end of life - examines for the first time, the cost and use of different community care services at end of life including GP, district nursing, social care, hospice and hospital.

Commenting on the report, Jonathan Ellis, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Help the Hospices, said:

"Far too many people approaching the end of life don’t get the vital support they need or end up being cared for, or dying in hospital, often against their personal wishes.

"At present end of life care is too hospital-centric. We need to explore alternative options in community settings, especially support from hospices in people’s homes.

"Not only is this more in line with most people’s preferences, as this significant report illustrates there is a compelling business case for doing so, by helping reduce costly, unnecessary hospital admissions and targeting precious NHS resources more effectively.

"Help the Hospices is working to expand options for end of life care through the development of a new programme aimed at reducing unnecessary hospital deaths which offers people greater choice over where they receive support."

Notes to Editor

  • Help the Hospices is the national charity for hospice care which supports and champions the work of more than 200 hospices across the UK.
  • Hospices provide vital care for people with terminal illnesses and life-limiting conditions and they also support their families.

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