Hospice UK welcomes new vision for better coordinated end of life care

Mar 02, 2015

'Every moment counts: A narrative for person-centred coordinated care for people near the end of life' is published today. It has been produced by National Voices and the National Council for Palliative Care in partnership with the National Clinical Director for End of Life Care at NHS England, Dr Bee Wee.

It draws on surveys, the testimonies of bereaved carers, the experience of end of life care charities and the reflections of professionals that highlighted failures in coordinating and personalising the different elements of end of life care. It focuses on five themes that people say are key to coordinated care near the end of life. They include: having honest discussions about care and support for the loved ones of people near the end of life.

Commenting on the publication, Jonathan Ellis, Director of Policy and Advocacy, at Hospice UK, said:

 “This narrative highlights the well coordinated, individualised support that dying people and their families expect. It leaves no doubt that the needs and wishes of dying people must be right at the heart of end of life care. Disjointed, depersonalised care must be consigned to the past.

“Tackling poor communication by health and care professionals and encouraging them to initiate candid, yet sensitive conversations about care plans early on is crucial. This is something hospices are actively working to address through training and education in hospitals and other places.

“We hope Every Moment Counts will provide a lodestar for health and care professionals and help them to provide better tailored care in future.”

Read 'Every moment counts: A narrative for person-centred coordinated care for people near the end of life'.

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