Hospice UK welcomes new guide to prepare people for what to expect when someone is dying

Mar 26, 2015

A new guide, which prepares people on what to expect when someone is dying, is published by the National Council for Palliative Care today.

‘What to expect when someone important to you is dying’ aims to demystify the dying process so that people better understand the changes that can happen to their loved ones in the last days of life.

Commenting on the new guide, Dr Ros Taylor, National Director for Hospice Care at Hospice UK, said:

“Dying is a certainty for all of us and yet too many people know little about what it actually involves, whether about the physical changes that take place or where to get the right support.

“As we have witnessed in the past, gaps or inconsistencies in knowledge about the dying process can adversely affect the experience of the final days of life, wherever that takes place.

“By explaining more about the dying process and how families can be involved in care, this resource will help to improve the confidence of people whose loved ones are dying”



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