Hospice UK responds to Dying Without Dignity PHSO report

May 20, 2015

Today (20 May) the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) publishes a new report Dying Without Dignity which features cases of inadequate end of life care resulting from a range of issues such as poor communication with families of dying people and inadequate out-of-hours services.

It highlights how end of life care could be improved for up to 355,000 people a year in England.  

Commenting on the report, Dr Ros Taylor MBE, National Director for Hospice Care at Hospice UK, said:

“Dying people and their families should never have had to go through the unbearable experiences highlighted in this report.

“It is tragic that so many of these cases could have been avoided with better communication and coordinated care.

“There is too much inconsistency in the care that dying people and their families receive and making sure that everyone can get the best care possible must be a much bigger priority.

“This report highlights the urgent need for NHS colleagues to work with hospices to tackle issues around communication, family support and decisions about what matter to people when time is short. Some hospitals are already tapping into hospice expertise and working successfully at a local level to improve end of life care.

“Dying people deserve nothing less than compassionate, co-ordinated care that meets their needs and wishes and allows them to spend their final moments in peace and dignity with their families. It should not be so difficult to get this right.”

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