Hospice UK responds to new PHE report

Jun 26, 2015

Today Public Health England’s (PHE) National End of Life Care Intelligence Network (NEoLCIN) publishes a new report - 'What We Know Now 2014’ which shows a growing understanding within the health sector of what is important to people at the end of life.

Commenting on the report, Jonathan Ellis, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Hospice UK, said:

“This report highlights welcome progress in more people being cared for at home at the end of life, which is where most people say that they would prefer to be. It also tells us that the closer someone is to death, the greater their desire to be supported by hospice care.

“Hospices help people to have a good death at home. Few people realise that the majority of hospice care is actually delivered away from the physical hospice building that we often associate it with. We hope this report will encourage closer working between our country's hospices and the NHS to help more people get the care they want and need.

“While the significant drop in hospital deaths highlighted in this report is encouraging and shows that more alternative end of life care options are being used, there are still very high numbers of people dying in hospital who have no real need to be there.

“Hospice UK is taking action to reduce the number of unnecessary deaths in hospital. Last July we called on the Government to back a new national hospice-led programme that would lead to higher quality, better targeted care for dying people and could generate savings of up to £80m per year for the NHS.

“We urge the NHS to work more closely with local hospices to ensure people get the support they need at the end of life, in whichever setting they choose.”

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