Hospice UK responds to NICE guidelines on end of life care

Jul 29, 2015
Today The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has launched a consultation on draft guidelines intended to help services to provide high quality and compassionate care for people who are dying.

The guidelines highlight key areas in end of life care and aims to put the needs of the individual and their families at the heart of its recommendations.
Commenting on the publication, Jonathan Ellis, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Hospice UK, said:
“NICE is absolutely right to offer support for doctors and nurses in recognising when people are approaching the end of their lives, help them access appropriate care and communicate clearly with them and their loved ones about the options and details of their care. The right care can’t happen unless someone’s end of life care needs are fully understood.
“When the findings of the Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People (LACDP) were published in 2014, Hospice UK called for the five priorities of care to be embedded in all settings, including hospitals. The publication of this draft guideline is an important step towards achieving that. 
“Hospices have longstanding expertise in providing high quality, tailored care which is highly responsive to the needs and preferences of dying people and their families. With an ageing population and more people requiring support at the end of their lives, the hospice sector has an important role to play in helping raise standards of end of life care in all settings and local hospices are keen to work in partnership with colleagues in hospitals, care homes and in primary care to achieve this.”

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