Hospice UK comments on new Macmillan cancer death estimates

Apr 27, 2016

Today Macmillan Cancer Support publishes new estimates showing that nearly 144,000 people a year in England are expected to die of cancer by 2020 – which equates to one person dying of the condition every four minutes.

The estimates are based on recent population projections from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and past trends in cancer deaths from Public Health England.

Macmillan is calling on the Government to invest in end of life care and fully fund the recommendations proposed in last year’s independent review of choice at the end of life.

Commenting in response, Jonathan Ellis, Director of Policy and Advocacy at the national hospice care charity Hospice UK, said:

“These new estimates from Macmillan are worrying and highlight the immense pressures on end of life care.

“Everyone with a life-limiting condition must be able to receive high quality care, whatever their condition and wherever they are supported. Expanding care options is critical to meeting people’s needs and also reducing pressures on the NHS. Too many terminally ill people are cared for in hospital, with no clinical need to be there, who would be much better supported by a hospice or at home.

“Things cannot continue as they are. The Government must take action to improve end of life care for all, as recommended by the review of choice in end of life care. Without action, current pressures on end of life care will only worsen as people live and die with increasingly complex needs at the end of their lives.”

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