Hospice UK responds to new Macmillan report No Regrets

Apr 28, 2017

Today Macmillan Cancer Support publishes a new report “No Regrets” which highlights how “a crisis of communication about death” is preventing people with cancer from having their dying wishes met and how more people need to talk about death.

It reveals that thousands of people with cancer die in hospital against their wishes when the majority (64 per cent) would prefer to die at home. Nearly a fifth of people (18 per cent) would prefer to die in a hospice according to the report.

Commenting in response, Dr Ros Taylor, MBE, Clinical Director at national hospice care charity Hospice UK, said:

“This report highlights the extent of how societal cultural taboos around talking about death can negatively impact on the care people with cancer receive at the end of life and restrict their choices over where they are supported.

“Dying is an inevitable and irrevocable reality for us all. If, as a society, we can be more open and accepting about death then we can help ensure that everyone can prepare and plan for a dignified and peaceful end. This includes doctors and other health care professionals, as well as our society in general, to be involved in advance care planning and braver in initiating conversations early on about what matters to people approaching the end of life.

“Hospices support hundreds of thousands of people to die with dignity and in peace, in their own homes and in hospices themselves. Hospices are also actively helping break down barrier in talking about death in different ways in their local communities.”

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