Success for first wave of Clydesdale Bank notes

Oct 02, 2017

The first wave of new, low serial number notes from Clydesdale bank raised over £800 at auction.

Bidding closed on Sunday evening, with a total of £877 bid for the first six notes. The most popular was the note with the serial number 250159, the birthdate of poet Robert Burns, which went for over £172. 

Catherine Bosworth, Director of Income Generation for Hospice UK, said:

“All of us at Hospice UK are thrilled that the banknote auction went so well, with the first 6 notes selling for £877.48. It was only possible with the generous  support we receive from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank, and we’re grateful to them and everyone who made a bid. The next wave of notes are now live to bid on, featuring 42 notes, all with serial numbers under 100, so anyone who missed out on the first set has another chance to own something rather special and support Hospice UK’s work.”

The second wave of notes is now on sale, offering a further range of new, low serial number notes: click here for more details



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