Hospice UK's position regarding Hospice Funerals LLP

Feb 01, 2018

Statement from Hospice UK regarding recent comments about Hospice Funerals LLP.

A spokesperson for Hospice UK said: 

“Hospice UK is not involved with Hospice Funerals LLP. It is an initiative led by one of our members, St Margaret’s Hospice in Somerset, in partnership with Memoria Ltd.

“We recognise there are differing views on this service within the hospice movement. At Hospice UK we have decided to remain neutral on the issue of hospice funeral services in general and this initiative in particular.

“We agreed with our board that this is the right approach for a national charity with no regulatory or controlling function and with 211 members that operate as independent charities.

“We encourage innovation in service development as part of our work supporting and championing the UK’s charitable hospices and this is reflected in our activities, conferences and other events.

"Hospice Funerals LLPs was one of more than 50 exhibitors at our national conference, in November 2017 all of which contributed to the costs of putting on the event. It was not a conference sponsor.

“Hospices are focused on delivering compassionate, personalised care and this is the guiding force for the development of their services.”



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