Hospice UK response to new RCP survey

Oct 19, 2018

Today the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) publishes a new report revealing the reasons that doctors and other healthcare professionals find it hard to talk to patients about dying.

The report- called Talking about dying: How to begin honest conversations about what lies ahead - reveals the barriers that stand in the way and offers solutions and resources to help. 

Toby Scott, a spokesman for the Dying Matters coalition led by Hospice UK, said:

“It is vital that our society is more open in talking about dying - something Hospice UK actively encourages through its Dying Matters campaigns - so we welcome this report’s efforts to encourage doctors and other healthcare professionals to have honest conversations with people approaching the end of life early on in their diagnosis.

“Good communication underpins good care and makes a big difference to people nearing the end of life, enabling them to make plans for the support they want earlier on and to have a better care experience.

“As this report acknowledges, nearly half of all deaths in the UK take place in hospital. Hospice UK is working with partner organisations to improve palliative care in hospitals and other clinical settings, with a key focus on promoting timely, compassionate communication between healthcare professionals and patients and their families. “




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