Hospice care is...

...about living. It is about making every moment count. It is about creating memories. It transforms lives.

Hospice care is there for anyone, young or old, living with a terminal illness, and their loved ones.

We want to celebrate the amazing and surprising side of hospice care. Join us and share what #hospicecareis… to you.

  • Annalise: a housekeeper at Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice with a duster
    Hospice Care is… a home from home
    Annalise, a housekeeper at Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice shares her experiences of Maintaining hospices as welcoming and homely places.
  • Person blowing a dandelion
    Hospice care is... a breath of fresh air
    Overgate Hospice, the only adult hospice in Calderdale, West Yorkshire has developed a six week course of advice, education and information for people with a chronic lung condition and their carers.
  • A woman sat with a pram
    Hospice care is... there before birth
    Families are offered support from point of diagnosis (which can be as early as 14 weeks into pregnancy), through pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • A man walking up a garden path
    Hospice care is... more than tea and sympathy
    Hospices reaching out to men in their communities who may feel isolated either because they are living with a terminal illness or because they are bereaved.
  • Two men planting-up pots
    Hospice care is... green fingered
    Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice have brought the outside in by introducing new table-top gardening sessions allowing patients to benefit from social and therapeutic horticulture.
  • A photo of a medical professional in front of artwork
    Hospice care is... someone to talk to in the night
    Senior staff night nurse Sue White explains what it is like working at St Catherine's Hospice overnight.
  • Two women stood in a  corridor
    Hospice care is... caring for your community
    In 2013 St Mary’s Hospice, Cumbria set out to create a sustainable network of volunteers to support local people with life-limiting conditions.
  • Cake
    Hospice care is... a piece of cake
    Melanie has a very special role organising special events for patients and their loved ones.
  • Keri Emerton with her horse Shannon
    Hospice care is…a four legged friend
    "Keri said she wanted to see her horse, Shannon, and feed her for the last time. The next thing we saw was a horse box coming up the lane – Keech Hospice had made it happen!"
  • A boy celebrating after scoring a goal
    Hospice care is…the beautiful game
    Hospice care is getting out there on the football pitch! Children and their families who are supported by Richard House Children’s Hospice can spend time together, have fun and get competitive!
  • Amy and Liam getting married
    Hospice care is... saying I do!
    Shooting Star Chase made the impossible happen and organised a wedding in 24 hours for a young couple, so that their baby son can see them become man and wife.
  • A photo of Lucy within a Hospice UK sunflower silhouette
    Hospice care is…the perfect pub
    For Lucy, finding the perfect pub was about more than just going for a drink. It was about finding a place where she could relax and catch up with old friends.
  • Paul and Julia in front of the sea
    Hospice care is… there for my family
    “The hospice held and carried my wonderful husband”. Read how The Hospice of St Francis was there for Julia, Paul and their two children when it mattered most.

What does hospice care mean to you?