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About the company


We are a passionate and independent digital agency helping not-for-profit organisations thrive through innovation.


Hapi is our flagship web solution created specifically for Charities.

As an out-of-the-box solution, Hapi enables rapid deployment of transformational web technology that reduces operational overheads and improves fundraising performance.

Hapi is directly influenced by FFT findings and continually seeks to tackle common challenges and capitalise on new opportunities.

Hapi is a community-led perpetual solution, meaning that clients constantly receive upgrades and new features based on community feedback and requests.

Fundraising Fitness Test

We have offered the Fundraising Fitness Test 2019 as a free service to UK charities since 2019.

During that time, we have analysed over 7 million online donation transactions reporting on over 100 KPIs related to income generation performance.
Each year we publish a 2018 Fundraising Health Report 2019 which summarises sector trends and guides the strategic approach for many senior governance teams.

The FFT service places Dreamscape in a privileged and unique position, whereby we can advise on the holistic fundraising performance of the NFP sector in the UK.

Our findings from the FFT service feed directly into our commercial website product, Hapi.