Hospice UK is committed to delivering a high quality service to anyone who engages with our work. We are keen to hear from anyone who believes we have fallen short of the standards we set ourselves.

On this page you can find a summary of our complaints policy and information about how to make a complaint.

What is a complaint?


A complaint is an issue or concern raised and fed back to us by someone outside of Hospice UK. It might be about our actions, programmes or staff behaviour. 

If there is uncertainty about whether feedback should be classed as a complaint, we will by default follow our complaints policy.

How to make a complaint


Please make your complaint via our Contact us form as soon as possible after the incident has taken place. 

It will be difficult to fully investigate an incident that happened more than a year ago, and this will affect our ability to reach a resolution.

Our Complaints Policy


Our complaints policy aims to ensure that all complaints are handled fairly, openly, and without delay.

We will:

  • listen to your views and deal with complaints in a transparent way
  • ensure all staff are aware of our complaints policy and how to follow it
  • try to reach a mutually acceptable resolution wherever possible
  • identify lessons learnt so that we can improve.

We collate all feedback and report regularly to our Board of Trustees about any complaints made about Hospice UK.

Anonymous complaints


We can only respond to and investigate a complaint where the person making the complaint is identifiable. We cannot act on anonymous complaints.

How we will respond to complaints


When we receive a complaint about our work, actions or staff, we will respond according to the following procedure: