Many people rely on friends and relatives to support them through a bereavement, but there are different types of services available that can also help if you need them.

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When should you get bereavement support


You might want to speak to somebody if:

  • You want to find out more about your feelings and reactions to someone’s death
  • You want to talk to someone about your feelings and would like bereavement counselling
  • You want practical information, like how to organise a funeral

There are many different types of support available, from group sessions where you meet with others who are also experiencing a bereavement, to one-to-one counselling over the telephone, to sessions with psychotherapists to help you talk through your feelings.

Finding bereavement support


The type of bereavement support you get and who provides it depends on what your needs are, the type of support you want, and what is available in your local area. The following are some of the many options available to support you.