We all experience bereavement at some point, leaving many feeling vulnerable. However grief and loss are completely normal experiences, a part of life.

Compassionate Employers is a workplace bereavement, carer and illness support programme to help support your employees experiencing grief, bereavement and caring responsibilities at work.

Levels of bereavement care

The levels and nature vary depending on the needs of the person who is bereaved and their previous experience of loss. Many people will use existing means of social support, such as friends or relatives.

Other people may need:

   - Information and practical advice.

   - Longer term support.

   - Bereavement counselling.

Projects to help hospices


Hospice UK has supported projects to help hospices develop their bereavement services and continues to offer a Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Working in Childhood Bereavement.

The National Bereavement Alliance are a group of organisations with a shared vision that all people have awareness of and access to support and services through their bereavement experience. The Alliance collaborates strategically to provide a collective voice representing the needs of bereaved people and those supporting them.