What was required when bringing services online? See how to review your service through and beyond COVID-19.

Online services

Bringing services online during the pandemic was a critical focus.

The presentation includes:

   - A review of the framework used and how
     to improve it.

   - Pros and cons of working online.

   - The consequences of bringing bereavement
     services online.

Jan Stiff and Catherine Knibbs presented on 6 January 2021.

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Bringing bereavement services online - references

Useful links


   - Digital Navigators.

   - Guides to help those with dementia use zoom.

   - Communicate with someone with dementia remotely.

   - Digital Awareness for Older People - ClearCommunityWeb

   - Age UK: Getting started on the internet

   - AbilityNet - A National charity which also has a local presence through its team of
     volunteers, who support vulnerable people that lack confidence with technology. 
     They provide a range of free services to support older and disabled people: 

   - NHS - A Health and Care Digital Capabilities Framework

   - ClearCommunityWeb - This organisation helps develop digital skills in older
     people, vulnerable adults, carers and the community groups that serve them.

Correct as of February 2022.