Find out how Project ECHO works, its key principles, how you can become an ECHO hub or join a network.

What is Project ECHO?


Project ECHO is a worldwide movement providing an online learning and support methodology. It supports knowledge sharing between professionals from across health and social care, and facilitates the exchange of specialist knowledge and best practice.

Standing for 'Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes', ECHO forms a key part of Hospice UK’s current strategy. It supports hospices (and the wider palliative care sector) to operate as effectively as possible. 

Project ECHO at Hospice UK is improving hospice and end of life care for healthcare professionals in the UK

As a Project ECHO ‘superhub’, Hospice UK is able to train other organisations to run their own ECHO networks (this is called becoming an ECHO ‘hub’).

Dr Max Watson

"Project ECHO provides a way where hospitals doing fantastic stuff can also help communities to do fantastic stuff, while learning about what they need to do together."

Prof Max Watson, BMJ Palliative Care 2019

How Project ECHO Works


There are a number of different ECHO networks, which are run by 'hubs'. Each network has a different theme, which you can find under 'Join a network', below.

Project ECHO methodology

The approach used is called ‘all teach, all learn’. During each session participants share their experiences, discuss best practice and work together to solve problems. Each ECHO network sets its own curriculum depending on the needs of the group.

Every session has a trained facilitator to help ensure everyone is equally heard. This means participants can all learn from one another, regardless of their experience or context.

ECHO sessions are free and take place via Zoom.

What they said

"100% agreed Case Based learning as the focus for discussion is an impactful way of learning."

– Outcome Measures in Practice ECHO Network

"97% would recommend Project ECHO as a useful learning tool to others. 94% agreed or strongly agreed participation helped to feel more supported in role."

– The Bereavement Collaboration ECHO Network


The ECHO Model's Four Key Principles

Typical ECHO session format

  • Sessions are 60-90 minutes long. 
  • A topic expert delivers a 20 minute teaching session followed by discussion. 
  • Participants then discuss issues they face or experiences they’ve had relating to the session topic via 1-2 ‘case presentations’. 
  • These allow participants to work together to solve problems and learn from other professionals in their sector. 
  • Sessions can be recorded and stored with additional resources on an online library. This is accessible to registered members.

The programme curriculum is co-designed by participants and the ‘Hub’ team.

Project ECHO Summary 2022-2023

Our ECHO Summary for 2023 - 2024

Top line stats from the Hospice UK Project ECHO team.