An in depth look at the ways in which children grieve and how they differ from adults.

How are Children impacted by the Pandemic and what are the signs of PTSD in children?

How can we understand the needs in specific families and the key principles of Solution Focused Practice?

Working with Children

The presentation covers:

   - What do grieving children need?

   - How do children grieve/ how do they understand death?

   - How can we understand the needs in specific families?

   - Key principles of Solution Focused Practice.

Presented by Dr Victoria Montgomery, Chartered Clinical Psychologist on 10 March 2021.

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Children and Bereavement Useful links


The following were suggested by and included in the presentation by Dr Victoria Montgomery Chartered Clinical Psychologist on Children and Bereavement.

Useful websites.

   - Winstons Wish.

   - Child bereavement UK.

Supporting Children in the Pandemic.

   - Aha parenting.

   - Nspcc Learning

   - How to answer difficult questions about a bereavement.

   - Communication Skills: Empathetic Listening - Inside Out, 2015.

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