Find out how Hospice Isle of Man, Jersey Hospice Care, Les Bourgs Hospice on Guernsey and Mountbatten Hospice on the Isle of Wight are working with a premium car dealership to generate income.

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Project and outcomes


Project overview

Jacksons (also incorporating Motor Mall and Esplanade) is a premium car dealership based on the Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Isle of Wight. The company wanted to support local hospices financially and help raise awareness of the work the hospices do. They wanted to do this in a way that was sustainable, as well as creating positive PR for the company.

They agreed on a fundraising model where Jacksons donates £25-50 (depending on the brand) to the hospices for every car they sell on their respective islands. Customers are asked and encouraged to match this donation.

The partnership involves an important shift in thinking. Instead of a company providing one-off donations or supporting a particular hospice event, there is a commitment to regular giving linked to car sales.


The partnership has started at different times on different islands, with the Isle of Wight the most recent addition in summer 2023.

In less than 2 years, the partnership has generated over £250,000 in total for the hospices.

On Jersey, the first 13 months of the partnership raised £100,000. On the Isle of Man, the funding is used to support nurses at Rebecca House, the children’s hospice service.

The partnership has also enabled the hospices to establish and utilise strong links with what is a prominent local business. On the Isle of Man and Jersey, for example, Jacksons’ staff have taken part in the Hospice Lottery draws and joint events have been held in each others’ premises.

This is a long-term investment in the local communities through a match-funding model, which has been positively received by Jacksons’ customers and colleagues. It has also helped to raise the profile of the work of each hospice to a wider-cross section of the community.

Facilitators and challenges


Key facilitators

Paul Kell, the Managing Director of Jacksons, lives on the Isle of Man and has a good relationship with the hospice. He visits the hospice regularly and has a good understanding of its work.

Senior Directors of Jacksons are closely involved at each site.


People buying cars do not always have a good understanding of hospice services, which can affect their willingness to donate. To overcome this, the partnership is developing better promotional material for the showrooms. Jacksons’ sales staff are regularly invited to tour the hospices to ensure they can explain what hospices do and share the impact of the partnership.

This initiative is an example of how the right corporate partnership can positively impact on local communities in a sustainable way. This commitment and support could be applied to companies in other sectors and geographical locations. The challenge for these four hospices is now to replicate this in other product and service settings.

Future development


This is a very replicable model and all four hospices are interested in forming similar partnerships with other local organisations beyond car dealerships. Jacksons would be delighted if similar partnerships could be created between other car dealerships and hospices across the UK.