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How our grants work

We receive funding for the grants we provide from other charitable trusts and foundations, so specific criteria apply each year. Each programme will have its own application form, criteria, guidelines and deadline.

The criteria for each programme are agreed by the Hospice UK Governance Committee and each respective funder, taking into account any restrictions the funders may include.

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Who can apply?


Our member organisations and their staff can apply for grants to help them undertake specific capital projects, develop new or existing services for the people they care for and their families, and increase their expertise in the work they do.

Non-member organisations offering palliative care services are also eligible to apply for grants, depending on the criteria of the grant programme.

Apply for a grant


To apply for our grants, please see the list of open grants, read the descriptions and eligibility criteria.

New Grants Management System

Hospice UK is implementing a new grants management system. The new grant system will be live on our website week commencing 4 December. You can still access each grant programme’s information and criteria, along with a PDF version of the application questions.  You can use these to help you prepare your application.

These FAQs will help you apply for our grants.

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Partners in hospice care

We are proud to work with some incredible partners to deliver our grant programmes. In recent years we have partnered with the government, charitable trusts and companies, which have pioneered service innovation across the UK.

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