Partnerships to support hospice care


We are proud to work with some incredible partners to deliver our grant programmes.

In recent years we have partnered with the government, charitable trusts and companies, which have pioneered service innovation across the UK.

A selection of our valued and current partners include:

Logo of St James's Place Charitable Foundation

St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation

St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation has supported Hospice UK since 2002. The Foundation has funded a grants programme for local hospices, focusing on a different area of care each year.

Each theme has the overarching aim of investing in emerging innovations in hospice care, which have the potential to transform how we care for people at the end of life.

Grants from St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation have funded the development of various services, from care beyond cancer to community volunteering, supporting patients discharged from hospital at the end of life to rehabilitation.

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Logo of the Masonic Charitable Foundation

Masonic Charitable Foundation

The Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) is a much valued partner of Hospice UK.  Even in the early years of our partnership, the support and generosity of the Masonic community has made an incredible difference to the lives of so many children and adults.

As our partnership develops we look forward to working closely with MCF and the Masonic community to deliver further programmes of local funding that will have a significant and lasting impact on communities across England and Wales.

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Logo of the CSiS Charity Fund

The CSiS Charity Fund

The Civil Service Insurance Society (CSiS) Charity Fund has funded a local hospice grant programme through Hospice UK since 2011. Every project funded has, at its core, a commitment to benefiting former, serving or retired civil and public servants and their families.

Our partnership with CSiS has supported hospices to make vital improvements to their physical environment and equipment – enhancing the quality of care for patients, their families and carers – without diverting crucial core hospice funds away from delivering care.

A huge variety of projects have been funded, from the refurbishment of a day care facility to the replacement of a Jacuzzi in a children’s hospice.

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Logo of the Rank Foundation

The Rank Foundation

The Rank Foundation is another of our long-time supporters. Our partnership began in 1989 and since 2002 the Foundation has given incredible £100,000 per year towards a grants programme for capital projects in local hospices.

As with our other capital grants programmes, hospices can only make capital investments if they raise the funds required to do so, except for the most urgent of work. This is especially true when faced with the situation of having to cut services and staff.

The long-term investment of the Rank Foundation enables hospices to improve their facilities and prioritise outstanding patient care.

In recent years, the Rank Foundation grant programme has focused on different annual themes, such as home hospice care, hospice-enabled dementia care and rehabilitation.

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