Right now we don’t have the right language to talk about death. This means that not everyone gets the support that suits them as they approach the end of life. We want to see a world where people live well until the very end.  

That's why, as part of Dying Matters' mission, we're sharing content and resources to help create an open culture in which we’re comfortable talking about death, dying and grief.

'Dying is not as bad as you're expecting'

"We've lost the rich wisdom of normal human dying. And it's time for us to talk about dying, and reclaim the wisdom."

Palliative care doctor, author and Hospice UK supporter, Kathryn Mannix, argues that it's time to break the taboos that exists around death. In this video, she explains how dying, just like giving birth, is a process - and one that is much more gentle than we imagine.

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