"Dying, just like being born, is a process our bodies go through quite naturally with recognised phases which are pretty much the same for everyone. It’s all very ordinary. Knowing what to expect takes away a lot of the fear."

In this video, Dr Kathryn Mannix guides you gently on a step by step journey through the process of dying.

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The process of dying

A short animation by Emily Downe, and voiced by Dr Kathryn Mannix which guides you gently on a step by step journey through the process of dying.

Acclaimed author, speaker, former palliative care physician and friend of Dying Matters, Dr Kathryn Mannix has spent her medical career working with people who have incurable, advanced illnesses. The author of two Sunday Times Bestsellers – With The End in Mind and Listen, Dr Mannix is on a mission to reclaim the public’s understanding of dying.

Produced by Theos with thanks to The Fetzer institute.

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Why this video is important


In modern British society, death is out of sight and behind closed doors. Many of us lack direct exposure to the dying process - with all sorts of potential emotional and spiritual consequences for how we grieve our loved ones, as well as how we prepare for our own deaths.

That's why, as part of Dying Matters' mission, we're sharing content and resources to help create an open culture in which we’re comfortable talking about death, dying and grief.