As part of Hospice UK’s partnership with the Rank Foundation, Bethesda Hospice on the Isle of Lewis was awarded a grant of £9,901 to develop their treatment and therapy facilities.

How the grant has helped


Before receiving their grant, the hospice had four inpatient rooms which were often very busy, meaning that day patients who needed treatments such as infusions had to wait until one of the inpatient rooms became free – or even travel to the mainland for treatment.

Thanks to the Rank Foundation and Hospice UK, Bethesda Hospice created a day treatment and therapy room, enabling patients to receive treatments whenever they need them and much faster than before – as well as enabling the hospice to expand the range of treatment and therapies they can offer to the community.

The staff at Bethesda have also found that the day room means they often meet new patients at an earlier stage of their illness, which gives both patients and staff the chance to get to know each other, discuss their needs and concerns, and make plans to ensure everyone gets the care they want.