As part of Hospice UK’s partnership with the Rank Foundation, St Luke’s Hospice in London was awarded a grant of £10,000 towards setting up a new gym and rehabilitation room at the hospice, to help patients to maintain their independence and live a better quality of life.

How the grants has helped


St Luke’s Hospice used their grant to purchase a specialist exercise bike and a range of other small equipment for their new rehabilitation room. They named the room ‘The Feel Good Room’ – because that’s how patients have told the hospice it makes them feel.

The physiotherapy team at the hospice have been able to expand the range of services they can offer to patients and the new exercise equipment has helped patients to regain and maintain their mobility, strength and independence.

The ‘Feel Good Room’ at St Luke’s Hospice is a great example of how rehabilitation services can transform how people use their local hospice.

On my third visit I noticed my breathing had improved. By the fifth visit I was able to sit in the garden with friends for a few hours. I always thought a hospice was a place where you wouldn’t get better but I did. It has changed the way I think about hospices.

User of the service at St Luke's Hospice