Some 9,000 people have been bereaved every day during the pandemic, leaving few people untouched by grief. In a society where talking about dying is still not viewed as ‘normal’, many of us are struggling in silence with the emotional burden after losing someone.

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Why talking about grief matters


Grief is a natural response to losing someone close to you. But in a culture where we are reluctant, even afraid, to broach the topic, many people are struggling alone in their grief.

London-based poet and spoken word artist, Suli Breaks, wrote 'Fireworks' in response to themes of loss and memory raised in #IRemember - part of the Dying Matters campaign. 

"I hope I'm able to encourage people to have an open discussion about grief, especially with everything that has happened in the past year," said Suli. "Conversations about grief are therapeutic and many of us shy away from it because of fear, we’re afraid to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and emotional because it’s an experience we are still learning to cope with every day.”



We don't have to pretend that grief goes away. 
My mum said, you never really get over it. 
She never really got over it. 
Some days are better than others, but that pain in your heart. 
It never really heals. 
You may heal around it. 
But it's still there. 
We all lose people, friends, family, inspiration. 
Because people are like fireworks. 
They may not last forever. 
But they gave us reasons to look into the sky 
And be grateful that they shared their light with us.
Just because people are gone it doesn't mean you have to forget them. 
You don't have to be brave. Carry on. 
Sometimes it takes more strength to hold on 
Than it does to let go. 
You don't need permission to talk about the ones you love. 
Because they remain in the jokes they told us. 
The times we cried together, 
The struggles we overcame,
Or the words they whispered in our ears when we needed them the most. 
Grief is painful. 
But it shouldn't rob us. 
Rob us from talking,
From saying, 'I remember'
With a smile or a tear. 
We don't have to pretend that the fireworks didn't exist. 
Instead, we can appreciate the beautiful colours that rocketed through our skies 
And be grateful for the moments that they gave us 
Even if they didn't last forever.
To all the fireworks we lost this year. 
Thank you. 
Thank you for sharing your light with us.
Thank you.


Poem - Sulibreaks
Director, DOP, Colourist - Charles Rare
Producer - Aleah Scott
Production Assistant - Veronique Denis
Runner - Anthony Ekundayo
Actor - Loreece Harrison 
Creative Agency - Brand and Stitch/Vedeni 

Commissioned by Dying Matters