What is #IRemember?


Across the world, different people, cultures and faiths have ways to remember the dead, all different but all with their roots in memory and the importance of not forgetting those we knew and loved.

#IRemember created a space to share memories, to remember those we have lost and to break the taboo around grief and bereavement. 

#IRemember 2022 took place from 7-13 November. 

Our collaboration with Rankin


As part of #IRemember this year, Dying Matters was excited to have collaborated with world-renowned photographer, Rankin, on a series of real-life portraits capturing the universal - but often unique experience - of grief.

#IRemember photography series

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How could I get involved in #IRemember?


#IRemember ran from 7-13 November, where we asked you to:

  • Share a memory of someone you would like to remember - this can be a friend, a family member, a pet or a colleague.
  • Include a photo or video if you like.
  • Post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #IRemember and tagging @DyingMatters.

Why #IRemember?


Grief is a natural response to losing someone you love and cherish. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and everyone experiences it differently. 

We want to remember those we have lost because after a bereavement we need to time and space to grieve, heal and keep their memory alive. Remembrance unites people of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds. 

Little things can remind us of the ones we have lost – a song, a place, a particular way that they put their coat on in the morning. No matter how small, it is important to remember them, and to share these so that their memory lives on. 

Ever read someone’s story and think: ‘this is exactly what I needed to hear today.'? Your #IRemember story can do that for someone else. 

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