The Cross Party Group (CPG) on Hospices and Palliative Care in the Welsh Parliament, the Senedd, was established to maintain and develop understanding and interest by Members of the Senedd on issues affecting people who need hospice and palliative care, in the furtherance of improving palliative and end for life care for all in Wales.



The CPG is Chaired by Mark Isherwood MS and Secretariat support is provided by Hospice UK.

Members are drawn from across all political parties:

  • Mabon ap Gwynfor MS
  • Rhun ap Iorwerth MS
  • Jayne Bryant MS
  • Jane Dodds MS
  • Janet Finch-Saunders MS
  • Mike Hedges MS
  • Altaf Hussain MS
  • Huw Irranca-Davies MS
  • Mark Isherwood MS
  • Darren Millar MS
  • Peredur Owen Griffiths MS

We are joined in meetings by stakeholders from across the health and care sector as well as by people with lived experience of palliative and end of life care.

Inquiry into end of life care during the pandemic


The CPG is currently running an inquiry seeking to better understand people’s experiences of end of life care in the community during the pandemic and explore what lessons can be learned.

The Chair, Mark Isherwood MS announced a call for written evidence in April (see letters in English and Cymraeg) and is keen to receive responses from those with lived experience, including families and unpaid carers, as well as frontline health and care workers and organisations involved in providing palliative and end of life care from the start of the pandemic until the present day.

We want to hear about people’s experiences of end of life care delivered at home and in care homes during the pandemic. In particular, we are interested in submissions answering, but not limited to, the following questions:

  • How did changes in health and care services during the pandemic affect the delivery of palliative and end of life care for children and adults at home and in care homes?
  • What were the experiences of people receiving end of life care, their families and loved ones at home and in care homes as a result of changes to services?
  • Was there inequality in access to care for people from certain groups dying at home and in care homes during the pandemic?
  • What positive ways of working and innovative approaches to delivering palliative and end of life care at home and in care homes have been developed during the pandemic?
  • What impact has the pandemic had on the health and wellbeing of frontline health and care workers, families and unpaid carers who deliver end of life care in the community and how can they be best supported going forward?

Please feel free to only respond to questions that are relevant to your experience and/or expertise. We would be particularly grateful for specific examples, evidence, and references, wherever possible.

Evidence will be used to inform a short report that makes recommendations to Welsh Government and public bodies in Wales. It will also help to inform the Cross Party Group’s response to the UK Covid Inquiry.

Please email submissions to with the subject line “Cross Party Group Inquiry”. The word limit is approximately 2000 and please state who the submission is from, i.e. individual or organisation. We won’t accept papers/reports produced for other audiences. 

Alternatively, to arrange a phone/zoom call, please contact Matthew via the same email address.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 25th May 2022.