haysmacintyre is pleased to partner with Hospice UK for the eighth year in producing the Hospice Accounts Report. This year’s report brings together information from the statutory accounts of 191 independent charitable hospices in the UK. It shows a sector with total annual expenditure of £1.5 billion per year.

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About this publication


This report combines information from the 2021 published statutory accounts, a year in which the UK and the rest of the world faced the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hospices faced a number of specific challenges during the pandemic, most significantly in caring for the most clinically vulnerable patients in incredibly difficult circumstances. Like many charities, their income models were hit at the same time, with shops closed for most of the year, and many other fundraising activities curtailed.

The governments in each of the four nations of the UK recognised the critical role the sector places in supporting the NHS and provided additional funding for hospices at this critical time. This enabled hospices to not only maintain their existing activities, but to increase their support to patients in the community, in order to reduce the pressure on the NHS during the crisis.

As we publish this report in 2022, the UK appears set to enter into another period of financial challenge. An aging population means demand on hospices will continue to increase, while pressure on government finances and household incomes mean it will be ever more difficult for hospices to raise sufficient income to fund those services.

In anticipation of these coming challenges, we have expanded our analysis of hospice reserves this year to enable hospices to compare how prepared they are compared to their peers. We hope that you find this report helpful, both to inform debate and to help local hospice staff and Trustee Boards to benchmark their own figures against similar organisations.


  • Lee Stokes, Head of Care and Community, haysmacintyre
  • Siobhan Holmes, Head of Grant-making, haysmacintyre



Hospice UK is grateful to the support of Local Hospice Lottery for the publication of this report.