Partners in hospice care

We are proud to work with some incredible partners to deliver our grant programmes.

In recent years we have partnered with the government, charitable trusts and companies, which in the three-year period between 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2015 invested more than £3.3m in hospice care through more than 1,200 grants that have pioneered service innovation across the UK and other parts of the world.

A selection of our valued and current partners include:

St. James’s Place Foundation

St James's Place Foundation logoSt. James’s Place Foundation has supported Hospice UK for over 10 years and donated more than £1.7m for hospice care in the UK. Since 2012, St James’s Place Foundation has funded a grants programme for local hospices, focusing on a different area of care each year. Each theme has the overarching aim of investing in emerging innovations in hospice care, which have the potential to transform how we care for people at the end of life.

In 2012, grants from St. James’s Place Foundation funded the development of hospice at home services while 2013 focused on projects which explored the ways in which hospices can work with other care providers to facilitate quick and supported discharge from hospital at the end of life. The last two years of our partnership has looked to support the expansion of community volunteering, the backbone of the hospice sector, and projects where hospices are transforming the way they care for people with dementia at the end of life – one of the greatest health concerns of our time.

Wolfson Foundation

Wolfson FoundationThe Wolfson Foundation is one of our longest-standing supporters, having been a part of our work since 1989 and donated almost £2m to hospice care. For the last 13 years, the Wolfson Foundation has funded a programme of UK and international education bursaries for hospice care professionals. Hospice care has evolved over this time and so its workforce has had to adapt and learn new skills and roles – supported by the Wolfson Foundation’s investment in workforce development.

The international hospice movement has always been about extraordinary individuals with a passion and commitment to changing how we care for people at the end of life. The variety of educational courses which Wolfson Foundation bursaries enable professionals to attend, from PhDs in palliative medicine in the UK to diplomas in palliative care in Uganda, are helping to develop today’s leaders of the hospice movement.

“This has become my life – it’s not just a job. The course has inspired everything I do at the residential home. The lovely feedback I receive from family members of patients is the biggest reward.”
Sonia Swann, Care Assistant, Holly Lodge Residential Home

The CSiS Charity Fund

Civil Service Insurance Society logoThe Civil Service Insurance Society (CSiS) Charity Fund has funded a local hospice grant programme with us since 2011, as well as generously donating to our Care Support Team, and in that time more than £280,000 has been donated to local hospice projects. Every project has at its core a commitment to benefitting former, serving or retired civil and public servants or their families. 

Hospices must continually update and improve the physical environment of their hospice and kit themselves with the latest cutting-edge equipment in order to continue to provide outstanding care. However, hospices are facing financially challenging times and often do not have the funds to commit to refurbishment work, for example, at the expense of patient care.

Our partnership with CSiS has supported hospices to make vital improvements to their physical environment and equipment – enhancing the quality of care for patients, their families and carers – without diverting crucial core hospice funds away from delivering care.

Each year the CSiS programme has focused on a particular area of the UK, including:

  • Northern Ireland
  • South Wales
  • Scotland
  • Liverpool
  • Norfolk
  • Humberside region.

A huge variety of projects have been funded, from the refurbishment of a day care facility to the replacement of a Jacuzzi in a children’s hospice.

Rank Foundation

The Rank Foundation logoThe Rank Foundation is another of our long-time supporters. Our partnership since 1989 has seen over £1.3m invested in hospice care, including an incredible £100,000 per year grants programme for capital projects in local hospices since 2002. As with our other capital grants programmes, hospices can only make capital investments if they raise the funds required to do so, except for the most urgent of work. This is especially true when faced with the situation of having to cut services and staff. The long-term investment of the Rank Foundation enables hospices to improve their facilities and prioritise outstanding patient care.

In recent years, the Rank Foundation grant programme has focused on different annual themes to ensure that funding is targeted where it is needed most. Themes have included home hospice care, with a focus on technological advancement and innovative pilot projects, hospice-enabled dementia care, and rehabilitation, which not only helped hospices to make physical improvements to provide better rehabilitative care but also supported an important step-change in the understanding and support of rehabilitative care in hospices.

If you would like to find out more about our grants programmes, please contact Karl Benn, our Grants Manager.

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