People in Partnership

The People in Partnership Forum (PiP) brings the voice of those with personal experience into the heart of the work of Hospice UK and Dying Matters. 
People in Partnership Forum

People in Partnership Forum

People in Partnership Forum was established in 2008 by the National Council for Palliative Care, prior to the merger with Hospice UK in 2017.

The aims of the Forum are:

  • To integrate the voices of those with personal experience into Hospice UK work programmes;
  • To be a critical friend to Hospice UK by offering scrutiny, advice and support by working in partnership and giving honest feedback;
  • To support and encourage other organisations to involve people with personal experience of end of life and palliative care into their own work programmes.


Personal experience is shared by people with life-limiting conditions, people who are bereaved, carers and former carers, as well as professionals who have experience of user involvement.

We will work to ensure that membership of the forum reflects diverse experiences, particularly those who have experienced inequalities in end of life care provision across the UK. This means we will actively seek out the experiences from groups including, but not limited to, people from or who have connections with BAME networks, people with disabilities, young people, older people, LGBT people and people with mental ill health.

Members are recruited by invitation as well as individuals self-selecting to apply.

If you have experience of a life-limiting illness or palliative care as a person with lived experience or as a current or former carer, please contact us to discuss how you can help improve future care for others.


Lesley Goodburn, chair of the People in Partnership forum

Lesley Goodburn, Chair

Karina Christiansen

Karina Christiansen

Jane Harris

Jane Harris

Helen Findlay

Helen Findlay

Lucy Watts MBE, and her assistance dog Molly

Lucy Watts MBE

Linda Magistris

Linda Magistris

With support provided by Hospice UK

  • Melanie Hodson – Information Specialist (PiP Lead)
  • Carole Walford - Chief Clinical Officer
  • Amber Morgan – Programmes Coordinator

People in Partnership Network - Get involved

To supplement the People in Partnership (PiP) Forum we are looking to develop a network of people and organisations across the country who are interested in palliative and end of life care across the different organisations including hospitals, hospices and care homes as well as within the community.

There is no specific time commitment to the People in Partnership Network you can be as involved as you like and you can vary your involvement based on your personal circumstances. As part of the network you will receive regular updates about the work of Hospice UK, the All Party Parliamentary Group for end of life care as well as news from other partner organisations. You will have the opportunity to input into the strategic direction of Hospice UK, review and advise on information, leaflets, campaigns and websites, give feedback via surveys and interviews, attend meetings about palliative and end of life care and share personal stories.

If you would like to become a part of our network, please sign up below. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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